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Our Vision

HR Polycoats was incorporated with a determination and commitment to deliver total quality in its ever-increasing range of products. We aim to strengthen our technological base consistently so as to deliver a flexible and dependable product line to our customers. We endeavour to provide robust quality in our products and services (before and after-sales).

Our Mission

Our mission is to achieve excellence in design, production, and quality to Serve the best value-minded customers anywhere on the planet – be it in Fashion, Luggage, Footwear, or Upholstery. To augment our core competencies and adopt the most comprehensive modern technology to overtake the obstacles in our path of achievement, and


Growth and Profitability to Stakeholders


Optimum Quality Products for Customers


Technological advancement and Innovations

Restoring and caring Environment


Workmen Care and Overall Development


Hale Relations with Suppliers

Worker wearing safety equipment in storage.
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